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Young Music Lover Duality Is On The Rise Despite Some Challenges

23-year-old young artist Duality currently living in DC was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. The music lover was raised in a nondenominational Christian church. However, today she would currently identify as an interspiritual person. Spirituality is very important to Duality as she feels multiple occasions spirituality has been her saving grace throughout her life. As a young child music always kept her attention while church service was in attendance. The talented artist Duality acknowledges how music has lots of healing power spiritually as well. Growing up as an undiagnosed autistic black child, she was very misunderstood as others often are. As an adolescent, in her early teens, music was her peace as the sound through her headphones became soothing to her young soul. The love Duality has for different languages boosted her as she is currently teaching herself Spanish and American Sign Language.

During the pandemic Duality had caught covid and was internally battling issues from trauma she faced in 2020 from different circumstances. Spending so much time in solitude, she attracted to the art of music and writing again. Friends of Duality that was already involved in music begin to send her beats, in 2021 Duality recorded her first official song. Creating makes Duality feels at peace as she currently has 4 EP's out on all streaming platforms. Her most recent project is called “Conversations from the Chrysalis Pt. 1” which is actually a small project that will be completed when she releases her full album in the near future. Revealing her music to her mom Duality experienced a special moment because her mom actually enjoyed it. Working with a few future world-renowned artists Duality has the knowledge of the advantages of collaborated projects.

Many of us knows that art inspires us and to Duality, art is what healed her through her troubled moments, using it as an healing mechanism. We live in a world that doesn’t allow us to prioritize our joy so creating allows joy in the world. Not Only is Duality an talented artist she is an poet that plan to release her own poetry book soon. Duality is a true example of letting your pain shine through your art, we wish her nothing but success and can't wait to see all her future projects.


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