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Detroit Artist Baby Skip Drops “Dewwy Did the Beat” and Streams High in the First two Weeks

Detroit rapper Baby Skip's latest track, "Dewwy Did the Beat," in collaboration with producer Ronny Dewwy and A&R Nella Writes, has been making waves on social media, following closely on the heels of his recent hit, "Rolling," featuring Detroit artist Skilla Baby and his latest single "Creep". Ronny Dewwy, reppin Boston, Massachusetts, and Nella Writes, representing Pontiac, Michigan, have expertly crafted this latest single, showcasing a seamless fusion of talent.

Baby Skip's lyrical prowess shines through in "Dewwy Did the Beat," as he deftly laces the track with his signature flow, delivering a captivating performance that resonates with fans. The synergy between Baby Skip's lyrics and the production work of Ronny Dewwy demonstrates a remarkable chemistry, highlighting their ability to bring out the best in each other.

Baby Skip
“Dewwy Did the Beat” cover (Baby Skip)

Nella Writes' astute ability to match the right artist with the right producer is evident in this collaboration, emphasizing her talent for curating musical partnerships that result in exceptional tracks. Talented Producers L. Abner and Juvie ST have left an indelible mark on the beat, infusing it with their unique touch, while music engineers Hobb, C2, and Blvck Lotus have further elevated the project with their expertise, contributing to the track's undeniable allure.

"Dewwy Did the Beat" stands as a testament to the creativity within the Detroit's hip-hop scene, showcasing the remarkable synergy between artists, producers, and engineers that continues to drive the genre forward. Detroit artist Baby Skip rip the single with his creative flow. With its infectious rhythm and compelling verses, this single is a testament to the vibrancy and innovation present in today's hip-hop landscape.


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