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Ryan “Fly Ry” Hendricks - Poetic Stories Poetry Feature - “ Order”

Written By: Ryan “Fly Ry” Hendricks

From: Waterbury CT 


Wife - Kid- Mother

Puttin my mother last nearly broke her heart 

Her armor splinted for the first time

Admittance smitten from the first line

I now understand why her relationship had rocky roads where pot holes would assert

Cuz she always always put us first 

Like any mother would I only exist because of her

When I was a kid it was clear to me that my mother was the most important person in my life 

That’s why I respected her

That’s why I respected other adults

But as a kid, if she the most important person in my life, then the parents must be the first

Their love just gotta work or society will put my ass to work regardless of child labor laws

That’s why I say wife, kid mother

My mother still don’t like that

Ryan "Fly Ry" Hendricks Poet
Ryan "Fly Ry" Hendricks

But Ima adult now I ain’t a kid

My own responsibilities need me every second 

That’s why my kid gotta come second 

Lil poet you here now so u gotta respect it

I touch these stages in the name of you

I nurture your phases cuz ima leader of the youth 

Your the glue to this holy trinity to infinity and beyond 

You could buzz in a light year

So don’t ever question your potential 

Never toy with your story

Just cuz I put you second doesn’t mean your not important 

It just means mommy and me gotta be solid to make sure your well supported 

I’ll hold 7 continents on my back

And sweat 4 oceans to give you the world

Your my responsibility 

Not even tranquility can calm me out this duty

Truthfully a man was made when I scored my first touchdown on that pregnancy stick

Those two lines was the best poem I ever wrote

An audience full of one person knew each line quote for quote 

That’s why I put your mother first 


Wifey comes first literally and sexually 

Contextually there’s no story if she’s not the main subject 

punctuation can punk a nation when you don’t pop the question 

I just had some more questions 

Regardless of sentences on that paper work 

You my wife cuz only for you my paper work 

Overtime is fine I don’t mind strenuous work I mean I’ll work for free never mind minimum wage

Cuz you work with our son thru youth and old age

What’s sage to a woman who’s aura cleanses my space

Whats Frankenstein to a woman who mastered the science of bringing life

What’s a picture to a woman who’s worth more than a thousand words

What’s this poem to a woman who’s the reason for these verbs

My Wife - Kid - Mother

What’s your order?

Ryan “Fly Ry” Hendricks - Poetic Stories

Ryan "Fly Ry" Hendricks poet - wearing Pink suit
Ryan "Fly Ry" Hendricks

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Jan 12

Beautiful word flow and the questions hit really making you think i love this

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