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“Sunday Melodies” K Love The Poet - Oniya the Original - Miss Yankee

K Love The Poet

poetry artist
K Love T he Poet

In the realm of spoken word, where vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency intertwine like harmonious threads, K Love the Poet stands as a luminary. Her name resonates on an international scale, as she weaves her poetic tapestry across stages around the globe.Emerging onto the Chicago poetry scene in 2003, K Love's talent swiftly captivated hearts and minds, earning her well-deserved recognition in the realm of spoken word. In 2007, her artistry caught the attention of Malik Yusef, leading her to feature on an album produced by the illustrious Kanye West. Since then, she has graced stages alongside esteemed artists and poets such as J.Ivy, Talib Kweli, Common Sense, and Jasmine Sullivan, solidifying her place among the spoken word elite. When K Love The Poet speaks each line is carefully crafted, infused with truth and wisdom, inviting readers to reflect and connect with their own emotions and experiences.

Onyia the Original

Onyia the Poet
Onyia the Original

Embracing Authenticity and Inspiring Healing: Onyia the Original brings a place where words dance and emotions intertwine, a voice emerges, captivating hearts and minds with its profound authenticity and soul-stirring verses. Onyia creativity journey transcends boundaries, encouraging self-discovery and healing through the power of spoken word. Onyia, adorned with the roles of a mother, serial entrepreneur, and artist, brings a unique blend of experiences and perspectives to her craft. Her words carry the weight of her formal education, harmoniously blending artistic aesthetics with the power of digital platforms. Through her work, she inspires others to embark on their own healing journeys, encouraging them to embrace their divine worth and reclaim their innate power. On social media, Onyia graces our feeds with a diverse range of poetry that resonates with the human experience. Her words flow effortlessly, carrying a stylish rhythm and cadence that breathe life into her verses.

Miss Yankey

Miss Yankey British/ Ghanaian Writer, Activist, Poet & X6 International Slam Champion. Her tireless dedication to mentoring and uplifting through her soulful words and voice is noticed very often. Miss Yankey poetry transcends mere words; it becomes a cultural experience, a melodic journey, and a celebration of the human spirit. Her performances are a testament to the beauty of language, stirring emotions and evoking introspection. With her magnetic presence and infectious energy, Miss Yankey invites us all to embrace the poetic vibe that resides within us, encouraging us to explore the depths of our souls and find solace in the power of spoken word. Her Poetry celebrates diversity, breaking barriers and fostering a sense of unity among humanity. Her poetry weaves threads of unity, reminding us of shared human experiences.

Dedicated to:

KLove The Poet - Onyia the Original - Miss Yankey

"In the tapestry of life's grand design,

Let vulnerability be the thread that binds.

With each verse, we heal, we grow,

Embracing our divine worth, let gratitude flow."

These ladies words have lit such a glow.

May these beautiful ladies continue to inspire, empower, and ignite the fire of creativity within us all.

Sincerely, Poetic Stories

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