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The Talented Trailblazing Steph Ox Thrives with Poetz and Comicz

Trailblazing black women has been on the rise lately! excelling in their accomplishments and goals. Philadelphia poet, writer, and best-selling author Steph Ox is currently in trailblazing mode. Demonstrating a wide range of talents, Steph Ox is the creator of the ascending brand Poetz and Comicz. Thus far, Poetz and Comicz can be compared as a delight twist between Def poetry Jam and Def comedy Jam topped off with sprinkles. Additionally, poets and comedians who once spotlighted on the two popular platforms has participated with Poetz and Comicz as well. Steph Ox milestones she has created has been valuable and impactful towards her career. Writers and comedians who wrote and were seen on popular tv platforms such as Showtime, HBO and Bet has worked with Poetz and Comicz. Steph Ox also worked with individuals that has opened up for famous comedian and actor Chris Rock.

It's a known fact that Rap stands for Rhythm and Poetry. As a writer and lover of love language it's no surprise of the gravitation Steph Ox has towards both arts. Growing up Steph Ox adapted to all genres of music including battle rap, hip-hop, RnB and old-school music. Using her love for diverse genres plays significant importance towards her creativity and attracts fuel towards her rising career. Steph Ox is a multi-hyphenate who can play various roles effectively. Impactful and entertaining content is what her audience always receive with her poetry and comedy no matter the ages.

Inspired by others around her who are goal-oriented Steph Ox uses that motivation as drive to grow further as an individual. Although she has many strengths, expressional writing is Steph Ox favorite. Women writers have be known to bring awareness through their writing that create unforgettable moments. As an author, Steph Ox became amazon best seller in 2021 for her second children's book. "Don't Draw On Mommy Wall" was able to reach people from all over the world. Popular social media child influencer Jayde Robinson labeled Steph Ox as her favorite author. is where you can locate Steph Ox collection of books. Be on the lookout for her new book “Background: What You Can Be When You Grow Up” . The book stars an African American boy and shifts perspectives on what it means to do something “cool or successful” when you get older. We see Steph Ox is currently running an powerful marathon with her assurgent career.


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