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Sneaker Fare Kicks is Stepping in Style and Grace

Black fashion designers and creatives has simply been putting a stamp in fashion and making it a movement.

Fashion is the culture and fashion make bold statements. Anthony Amos the owner of Sneaker Fare Kicks has custom artwork that is undeniably raw talent. Creating fashion and stylish kicks that captures the attention of many. Establishing uniqueness with his brand using his social media including Instagram to gain more awareness of his rising business. Sneaker Fare has diversity, style, and originality. Each pair of shoes are hand painted and designed uniquely to satisfy. Individually expressive and different, Sneaker Fare makes a custom style just for you.

Sneak Fare sneaker designs are expressive, elevating your style to the next level. The company provides premium customized sneakers that gives creative expression through animation. Sneaker Fare has designed classic sneakers with celebrities faces including Kanye, Dennis Rodman, Eminem and array of others. The Sneakers are created to carry a fracture of an individual personality and lifestyle. Anthony display various designs as his artwork is carefully customized to give customer satisfaction.

Sneaker Fare Kicks not only caters to highly exclusive sneaker customization. The brand has excelled in making custom design jackets as well. Sneaker Fare colorful and inviting kicks and jackets are admirable, decorating the culture with style and Grace!


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