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Meet: Manja (Mon-ja) aka James Harden of Poetry/ Mr. Sleep Fah Me

Can you tell us how you got started in poetry or writing?

I got into poetry back in the 3rd grade when I was introduced to the art form

Can you Please some history or info about yourself?

I' m 32 years Old... I love video games, Anime, listening to hip hop and r&b.. Love storytelling rap... Liberian American

What are some projects you have going on?

All my work is on Ig and YouTube: MrSleepFahme Wiles

Where are you from and currently living?

Born in Los Angeles, CA..... Reside in the Queen City .... Charlotte, NC

Express yourself:

Chris's collectively capturing canvases

On corners where children get chalked out on concrete...

Cops having conversations while watching wicked corpses come up in cold cases...

Crowds covering the city ... chanting curses in cursive...

Copycat murderers casually causing another catastrophic casualty.

But what do you care?

Constantly cutting off comedic relief for cancel culture..

Classrooms converging into cemeteries.

No child left behind for the coroner.

Just a cringing crime scene crossing over a canopy burnt to a crisp...

Searching for clues copyrighted on colorful cremated cups..

To catch a criminal can be so costly...

News channels casting calls on crimes in communities of color, the category remains

still to be continued......

Instagram: Mr_Sleep_Fah_Me

YouTube: MrSleepFahme Wiles


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