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Blume is a self taught singer/songwriter from Detroit, MI. She choose the name, Blume in which she says "I am always evolving and growing within the music that I make. I’ve been making music since I was 16. Since then music is and will always be my therapy. Like a seed emerging from the soil I will".

I like to make music that makes you feel something. Everything I write comes from a very real place and I tend to pour my soul in my music, it’s the only way I feel the most confident about what I do. I am inspired by a plethora of genres I like to say I can write/sing in any genre. I really enjoy blending, bending and breaking the rules of music, it’s how I really get to show my authenticity in my art. Basically…I’m all over the place lol but, that’s me and I love it". Blume is currently taking on the alternative rock genre with her band she started with her brother called “Vinyl 9”.

Blume expresses... "My journey into rock means so much to me especially as an Black woman. I started out listening to rock music in middle school. It was the reason I taught myself how to sing, how to write songs and play guitar. Rock music has taught me how to process the emotions I would always feel so deeply. It taught me how to cry, scream, and breathe it out when I needed to. I want to be that representation for other black girls out there that feel as deeply as I do. I just want to take the world by storm. I hope you join me on my journey".

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