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Meet: Queen Warrior

Can you tell us how you got started in poetry or writing?

I was introduced to poetry by a childhood friend. At that time, it was just something we did for fun. However, it became my only source of expression to describe my grief when my father died when I was 10. My grief was complicated by the fact my mother died when I was 1 year old, so there I was without either of my parents before I was a teenager. My family didn’t teach me how to express emotions. Everyone was too busy being “strong”. I needed a place to put my emotions. My poems became that place.

Can you please share some history or info about yourself?

What are some projects you have going on such as books, art, writing, clothing or business etc.

Losing parents at a young age is a trauma that affects a person in every aspect of their life, and it is challenging to heal from it. Not only did I lose my parents, but as a result, I moved around a lot. Out of all my moves, the only thing that I kept with me (and still have to this day) was my journal, a collection of poetry I wrote from 12-to 19. With those poems, I was able to create my poetry book “Memoirs from a Neglected Child”. This book consists of the very first poems I ever wrote. The beginning is very heavy as it gives readers a first-hand experience of my perspective, however, the last part of the book is full of self-love affirmations. I wrote this book so that others who have similar trauma feel seen and heard, also it is part of my healing process. I hope it encourages others to heal too.

Writing poetry is cathartic and performing is life. When I perform poetry,

I feel that I step into myself and release all that I am. I love passing on the gift of poetry and performance to people. It's an honor to serve in the arts. I am extremely privileged. Performing is my heart and it helps me through my healing process. I am currently taking in an act conservatory school in Hell’s Kitchen, John Desotelle Studios. I'm currently doing a book tour and I'm open to visiting new cities.

Express Yourself:


I am amazing

so amazing

the stars in the sky bow before me just to match the glimmer in my eyes

they would travel through galaxies

in hopes that the glimmer of their tails would catch my eye

so I could watch

they would trade places with me

to watch me shine on high

just as high as I ought to

with as much space and closeness as I ought to

away from any gravitational pull that would pull me down

I am amazing

a miracle on legs

her majesty in your presence

a present to the present

I rejected my own brilliance because

it was too brilliant for me to comprehend

blinded by greatest

I spent too much time dancing in darkness

when I was the light

I couldn’t see myself in my reflection

and I am amazing

and it doesn’t take much to be

all I have to do breathe

and be me to be loved by me

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