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Meet Poetic Boy D

Poetic Boy D is a New York based poet and hip-hop artist who’s been writing and performing for over 15 years. He’s well known for his storytelling, captivating and interactive pieces. Poetic Boy D is a familiar face in the New York poetry scene, and you know when he takes the stage. His vibe on the mic captures the audience attention immediately. You’re always in for a treat when he blesses the stage. Poetic Boy D is an Off Broadway spoken word performer and has 4 hip hop albums available on all streaming services. He also has a self-published book, "Thoughts from April" which is available at

Clothing. Books. Music. Videos can all be found there!

Instagram: @Poeticboy_D

Facebook : Poetic Boy D #Poeticstories #poet #hiphop #Newyork #Artist


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