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Meet Kyle Whittle- Symbolik

Kyle Whittle also Known as Symbolik is a writer and poet from Brooklyn, NY. He is known as the metaphor king! A member of the Street Prophets. He loves poetry and desires it in his heart. Symbolik started writing poetry originally in 10th grade for an assignment. in the year of 2016, it became his coping mechanism. Writing has kept him alive and help him deal with depression that life throws at us.

Poetry is used for him as healing and to be a voice to others. He speaks for those who can’t find a way to let out emotions, he wants them to understand that they are not alone. Poetry and writing mean everything to Kyle. Currently the creative is working on his second book. His poetry album is also in the works and will be released soon as well. He is looking forward to sharing both with the world.


Kyle Whittle" Thank you so much Remember poets We are the voice of many! And for non-poets I pray you find your muse know that we are in this together


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