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Meet: Kai Black

Can you tell us how you got started in poetry or writing?

I got my start in writing at a young age. I’ve always had an overactive imagination, so

making up stories was always me just keeping myself entertained and disassociated

from the world around me. I don’t think I grew up knowing I wanted to be a writer until I

found myself smoking a blunt and writing for fun. I didn’t start writing poetry until

midway through my first semester of graduate school. In fact, I prided myself in having a

disdain for the art since I was a child. Life is ironic.

Can you please share some history or info about yourself?

You know, I’m just a regula-schmegula Black Queer Non Binary person trying to make it

just like the next person. I’ve worked in live events, television production and now I’m a

second year Creative Writing graduate student in a small town in Iowa. I’m also a

recovering addict. That was a mouthful to say but then again, most things I speak on are

a mouthful. During the pandemic, I lost my grandmother to cancer and life was hitting

me fast that I was spiraling and couldn’t seem to find direction, so naturally in fight or

flight response, I chose to go back to school and this was only after living a very

dangerous and drug fueled sex craved life. I was filled with so many emotions that were

hard to sort through, mainly negative and I couldn’t express myself through fiction like

poetry allowed me. I went from writing emo-bitch poems to finding my voice as a poet

and what I want my art to say, that I’m an unapologetic black queer who could give a

shit less about respectability. I believe that if I can get just one person to feel moved

enough to say “same” or “oof” then I’ve accomplished what art is supposed to do,

connect and move people, no matter the subject matter. Other than that, I usually spend most of my days playing Pokémon, smoking weed, jotting down poems on

“Notes” and binge watching an unhealthy amount of Hulu while still managing not to fail

school. Go figure. You can have it all.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I have two projects. I have one completed speculative fiction manuscript that

I’m currently editing and book of poetry I’m constructing for my graduation project out

of my MFA program. If you follow my social media, I can assure you I will be obnoxious

enough to remind you what they are called and if they are being published. I also host

open mic for poetry every first Thursday and I’m hosting a free creative writing

workshop on June 9th called Cyber Sex: Hoe-Tale Confessionals. I also was recently

approached by a publication by a publication in Australia to become a resident writer

after their creative director read my old blog. They highlight black and brown queer

voices on their side of the pond and I just think it’s such a dope honor to be invited into

a cultural exchange if you will. Follow them on IG @fobmoves

Where are you from and currently living?

I’m from Dallas (Triple D), Texas, however these days I stay in Iowa for school and go

back home to family in Fort Worth. I wouldn’t recommend it but you can’t choose some

things so that’s that lol.

Express Yourself

A Poem I Wrote When I Should Have Been Sleep

But Couldn’t Because My Bladder Is a Bitch

I wake up now at 4:26 AM to pee and read


I’ve watched my heart shatter 96 consecutive

hours’ worth of screentime.

B!#$ Publish let’s eat the sun

when it rises fashionably late

until next week.

It’s 4:54 and everyone refuses to engage

with me

i should delete Grindr

no one is fucking in Iowa

Except that one time or few

with a DWB (dick with benefits)

who surprised me with unwrapped



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