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Meet Camari (creative) Carter Hawkins

Camari (creative) Carter Hawkins writing journey began as she started writing in journals. Journal writing has been a close friend to her since the tender age of 7. She began writing poetry in high school and pursued it actively in her twenties.

The talented creative was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attributes her love for the arts because she lived in such a vibrant city.

She constantly shares the love of my first poetry book, "Death by Comb". She is actively working on another poetry collection. Camari Carter have also launched an indie book publishing company called Mama’s Kitchen Press where it focuses on amplifying Black voices and stories that are personal, heartfelt and intimate.

Poem by Camari Carter

Pregnancy Test

I keep it.

The positive pregnancy test

It’s the last sign I have that confirms

I was a mother

Am a mother

Settled like coffin at my bedside

I can’t get rid of

I can bottle up the blood river on the floor

Bury in mason jar

it’ll grow

green, fuzzy

I still name it,

my baby

And when the growth takes over

Becomes black

It is my child’s skin

and hope

for a heartbeat

And when baby seeps through the lid

I’ll plant it in the backyard

to grow a willow tree

where I will sit under my baby

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