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Andrea Augustus , A.K.A. Poetic Black Gurl, is a New York artist with over 6 years of performance experience. Oratory artist , writer , painter , occasional sculptor , and clothing designer - Andrea explores many artistic mediums in the name of healing and creating.  Andrea is the owner of Poetic Black Gurl LLC. 

Poetic Black Gurl LLC is a black woman-owned business that specializes in personal development. Services include creative workshops centered on mental health and art. Poetic Black Gurl is dedicated to offering creative outlets for individuals to begin or continue their journey of healing and self-expression.

What's going on with you and your brand?

Right now I have an open call for submissions for an Anthology. 

So, I'm publishing a book of poems and collecting poems from creatives of all ages and from all places. It has been a beautiful project so far, and I am looking forward to publishing the book in 2023. 

The theme for the last round of submissions is "Breaking" What were some situations that you felt broke you? How did you overcome them? What was the straw that broke the camel's back? Feel free to use these prompts or experiment with your own. Submissions are due Oct 15, 2022.  

I also have a self-published line of aesthetic journals available at! They are meant to give people a beautiful place to get out their thoughts and process their experiences. The covers are abstract and unique. The pages are intentionally left blank for users to write their own story.

I also have a free e-book called "100 Positive Affirmations" available for download at The goal is to get more people to practice positive self-talk. The way we talk about ourselves really impacts our experiences on this earth, so developing a practice where we are able to pour into ourselves is important. 

You can find me vending at events in NYC. 

You can catch me performing on different stages across the nation. 

Links to find you:

You can find me on LinkedIn at Andrea Augustus. 

You can find out more about my services as a teaching artist at

Yeah! That's all!

Here is a link to my website. 


Here are some free Resources: 


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