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Meet: Aaliyah (Liyah the Poet)

Can you tell us how you got started in poetry or writing?

I started writing poetry at a young age. Poetry became a way of expression on dealing with certain things going on in my life.

Can you please share some history or info about yourself?

I am 25 years old. I am the second oldest out of 4 kids. . I would like to make a difference in the world and speak on topics that I feel like others may not. I would like for anyone to understand who may come across my video or poetry to understand that they aren’t alone .

What are some projects you currently working on?

The projects that I am currently working on are a poetry book and T-shirt line just to get my business started and more books and clothing will be released .

Where are you from and currently living?

I am from south Florida . I’ve been in Florida since I was younger . I currently reside in Tamarac ,Florida . I work full time as a customer service Representative

Express Yourself:

Growing Pains

Change can be difficult . Also Necessary Growing pains that can damage you . No matter what the topic . a broken glass shattered underneath the surface trying to gather the pieces together trying to pick up what’s broken . Cutting myself in the process, the cut was deeper than I expected. The feeling of the pain . The endurance. Trying to replace something broken. No matter how life happens . There is something we must heal from and those things take time . I should be used to the pain but I’m not . I shed too many tears over these memories that caused me pain . Repairing ourselves is important. We can unfold in a matter of seconds . I relied so much on you because of the bond that created those long morning afternoon night conversations. We all have something that we long for even if we don’t admit it . Being without you is just strange. You became more than I expected . It’s better said than done and neither less to say Change must come within . We must observe ourselves and recognize what we need . Growing Pains . I will or we will keep going until the pain is gone . The text messages phone number and voicemails get deleted . My thoughts of you slowly begin to fade indeed I won’t be having flashbacks of the times we shared the good and the bad . The beginning of something new and difficult may not come as easy as we would want . Stranger things tend to happen . The chapter has closed. I no longer have the desire I used to have to hear your voice or spend quality time together . I began to adjust without you . I know I will get Better as time passes along . Growing pains don’t always last forever but some remain.


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