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Manny "Fresco" Acosta- Dancing is the Poetry of the Feet

Where are you from?

I am Originally from Miami, Florida but I graduated from high school in Orlando.

How did you get started into dance?

I started as a kid in the 2nd grade. I looked up to Michael Jackson and like every kid in America I did my best to mimic his movement. So, my teacher entered me in a talent show and asked me to do all those same MJ moves I would do in class for the girls on that stage. I was scared and ready all at the same time. I absolutely loved it, and here we are today.

What celebrities have you danced with and how was the experience?

To date, I have danced with B2K, Kent Jones, and I've been on tour with MC Hammer.

What do you love about the art of dance?

This one of my favorite interview questions by far! The art of dance is all about expression. I can show what I'm feeling through movement. Dance allows me to release and forget about all the troubles in the world. Keeps me at peace. When did you decide to make dancing your professional career? That epic talent show did it for me. The reaction from the crowd was all I needed to know that this was meant for me.

What are 3 characteristics of a good dancer?

To be a GREAT dancer you must be coachable, train hard and never get complacent. Great dancer stays humble and stays hungry.

Manny "Fresco" Acosta is an gifted dancer and influencer from Miami, Florida who has been dancing about 10 years professionally. His passion for dance began early for Manny as he has been dancing since his early childhood. Manny "Fresco" Acosta has accomplished a lot in his career thus far and has explored many forms of dance ventures. The thriving dancer honesty love all of his bodies of work great as each is special to him. If Manny had to pick a favorite it would be the "EGO" by Dalan Brown only because it was his first choreography routine for a music video, and the end result was incredible. The well-choreographed music video has since gained over 10,000 views on YouTube.

Manny "Fresco" Acosta was featured on the popular show America’s got Talent, he described the experience as epic! Manny was able to perform live in front of millions, the rehearsals and everything about it was memorable for the proficient dancer. Manny and others made it to the TOP 48 and brought a new style of dancing called “drilling” to the forefront. The monumental talent show did it for him as an dancer and he realized he wanted to take this profession serious and pursue it full-time in his career. The reaction from the crowd was all he needed to know that dancing was meant for him and to move forward in his success.

Manny "Fresco" Acosta can be described as a smooth burst of energy. He loves making people laugh and creating positive energy. Manny choreography and live performances are amazing, you can see why he stay working, He is great at what he does! Wanting to be involved in positive energy around the world Manny "Fresco" Acosta is trying to use what he has to help this world be a better place by sharing his art of dance.


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