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Food 4 Thought- Jasmine Blooms Equals Talent, Motherhood, Poetry and Creating

Jasmine Blooms is a beautiful writer, domestic violence advocate, poet and a beloved mother that has been gaining awareness to her brand. Throughout the years, Jasmine thrives on being a single mother while balancing her career. Wearing many hats, she also serves as an Social Media Manager of The Writer's Den and also is an art collective started by Richmond's first poet Laureate Douglas Powell and Roscoe Burnems. Jasmine Blooms certainly doesn't shy away from hard work using her gifts to advance her career. The devoted mother was granted some great opportunities developing prospering milestones. Jasmine performed with artists such as Illa Styles and Richmond Staple allowing her to meet other big named artists from Richmond such as Michael Millions and more. Solace in writing and teaching herself how to play piano shows her true talent as an creator.

Developing her brand Jasmine Blooms became the co-creator of one of the largest big money poetry slams on the East Coast named Food 4 Thought.  The platform allowed poets from all over the country to compete and express through the art of poetry.

Her career came about very unexpected, a mutual acquittance introduced her to Chef Charles of Sunday Service Soul Food. The well-known Chef Charles has a background in hosting open mics, he provided Jasmine a platform to host. Starting off was a little rocky but overtime her confidence grew and she began to excel at hosting and the art of open mic.

Poetry has always been involved in Jasmine Blooms life, keeping a journal as early as the age of seven. Multi-talented, Jasmine affinity for writing stayed with her until adulthood. The Virgina Domestic Violence Advocate talks about how she revered poets from Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and the late gifted Tupac. Jasmine reflects on a moment in her life that change her perspective on poetry forever. Legendary DMX "Dark and Hell" Album, an album purchased by her mother, expressed so many emotions behind the words. That intrigued her, Jasmine started writing and keeping a journal full of her creative poems. Being surrounded around the art of music and writing her whole life Jasmine was naturally adapted to words. Jasmine upbringing consisted of an array of music including RnB, Jazz, Blues, Irish Folk Music, classical and more.

After dealing with trauma in her past relationship, poetry and Jasmine found each other again, helping her deal with issues. Being able to do open mic Jasmine started writing more as a way to liberate herself from the abuse and worked towards healing. She contributed a piece of her artistry along with the amazing talent that touched the stage. Poetry is a release and has helped many people get through situations and reached others throughout creativity.

Jasmine Blooms created the trendy Food 4 Thought Poetry Slam in June 2020 with other local talented poets. Food 4 Thought Poetry Slam can be found on the popular social media platforms (Instagram) at food4thoughtpoetry and (Facebook) at Food 4 Thought Poetry Slam. The brand is gearing up for this 2023-year slam now with hopes to get bigger and better as poets come out to compete for $1500 in cash prizes. Jasmine Blooms explains the many dimensions of herself and how poetry helps her gain a better understanding of self and the world she chooses to take up space within. Creating this blissful platform, Jasmine is showing the world that she is limitless as long as she values the right intentions and she stay aligned with a really dope crew. Keep an eye on Jasmine Blooms as she plans on releasing an EP this year consisting of poetry and mantra.



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