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Hip-Hop Artist Kxezy Balances Music, Poetry, and Entrepunership

Hip Hop Artist Kxezy

Kxezy is an hip-hop artist, poet, and entrepreneur from Sacramento, California who started engaging in music at the age of nine.

A few years later at the age of thirteen, Kxezy recorded his first song with his older cousin and his friend. The stellar creator started writing poetry as a youth, grasping attention of female fans which he enjoyed. Dancing was also a part of Kxezy life as child, the legendary Michael Jackson was a major role of his inspiration in his early years. As an young adult Kxezy was a student athlete pursuing a career in athletics up until college. After graduating he decided to retire from sports and focus on his love for music and creating.

Fast forward to the present day with Kxezy as he is still releasing new music while managing his trendy clothing company, Groovy Tribe. Fashionably eye catching, Groovy Tribe brings an old school vibe which is fun and exciting. Establishing the brand itself in September 2020 during the global pandemic, Kxezy has continued to brand ideas for his company.

You can spot Kxezy Creating catchy content on the social media sites including Tik-Tok and Instagram. Capturing his follower's attention while doing everything he love to do, simply creating. Seeing the acting skills he delivers online; we sure would love to see him on the big screen one day. The good energy that Kxezy brings to his platform and writing is electrifying.

The groovy Kxezy is inspired by just being himself and experiencing lessons along the way. As creators we are all here to experience life with unique paths, so let's continue to act on them. The development of creating is fun to Kxexy because each time is a different vibe with unique inspirations with every creation.

You can check out Kxezy clothing brand now on Instagram @groovvytribe while he is currently still building the lifestyle brand.

How did you get into poetry?

I started off writing poetry first as a kid with a passion to write stories and wanted to impress ladies writing with my poetic words. Being introduced to poetry in grade school is what got me started.


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