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BMF Kelz The Thriving BMF Spoken Word Artist

BMF Kelz is an Poet, writer and music artist. The talented poet is affiliated with the very well-known BMF (Black Mafia Family) group. BMF currently have a show on the popular network Stars produced and created by the successful rapper 50 cent. BMF was started by Flenory Detroit brothers referred to as "Big Meech "and "Southwest T". BMF Kelz served in the military for 4 years and after focused on his career. He really enjoys the art of poetry and how it relates with the world. Understanding that your environment can affect your future he made positive choices to go another route. We sat down with the talented BMF Kelz and discussed poetry, BMF, family, career and more.

I see you are from VA, how was it growing up?

Well, it's a complex environment it can have advantages but also it can have negatives it is a rough area. But I took advantage of it, I moved smart I don't move shady I took advantage of the opportunities that was given to me, I went out here and made something of myself. I Joined the military fresh out of high school.

What started your interest in Poetry and Music?

I would say what started my interest in Poetry would be Tupac. "chuckles" Believe it or not. I grew up listening to a lot of old-school music like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, warren G alot of west coast dudes mostly. But also got great influences from the east coast as well far as Jayz, Public Enemy and people like that, so they all played a part in my music Journey.

Who expires you know musically and who would you collab with?

Man, that's a tough question because it's so many great artists. " chuckles"

Well Name your Top 3.

Alright my top 3 I would have to say Jay Z, Snoop, and Kendrick

Are there any Poets that you like now at the moment?

Um, right now I would have to say one of the dopest female poets I listen to is Erykah Badu. So many people are into her art and a lot of people can relate to her. It's a good amount I also enjoy. Common as well, but yeah, I mostly stick to the old school Poets.

What would you consider your style of Music?

Honestly Whatever mood I'm in from romantic, revolutionary, versatile mostly

How did you get started to be a part of the well-known BMF?

Man, I got to give a shoutout to Speedy aka "Gotti Gotti" from California he will be coming home soon, he is like an uncle to me. I was able to network with him and he brought me into the BMF family. Also, my aunt Brina "Fifty Boyz Speedy" that is in Detroit, Michigan she is one of the originals that was with BMF, and she give me great advice so I'm forever grateful for them. Also want to give a Shoutout to T.Villa that recently signed to empire and the rest of the BMF family.

To be included of a very popular group, what have they taught you such as family?

It's something that can't be replaced. Let no Man separate what we created so we all hold on to that and are bonds can't be broken. We all look at each other as family.

Do you write often and what's the Process?

It really depends on how I'm feeling at the moment. When it comes to my process I Just sit back and reflect what's going on right now and take time on what's going on in the world.

How do you feel about the BMF series?

I most defiantly watch it and I'm a fan of it. It portrays the process of how it came about. Some of the OG's participated so they can relate more and remember some of the moments.

Do you have any new music or projects coming out soon?

As of right now, No. But I have been getting a lot of requests of how I should get back in the studio. I most definitely considering that.



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