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Meet - Julius Jones

Can you tell us how you got started in poetry or writing?

I started writing at the age at 11 years old, I didn't take it seriously to I turn 12 years old. I started off writing poetry. Everything I was writing about were death and the streets.

Can you please share some history or info about yourself?

I did State Penitentiary time and federal penitentiary time. Do gang prevention intervention to steer kids away from gangs ended up being in the streets. Tired of seeing little boys and young men ended up being another statistic. The gray site or in prison!

Where are you from?

Jersey City state of New Jersey.

What are some projects you have going on?

I started off as a self-publisher of 3 books "Envisable Tiers Vol 1" Tiers you can't see, only from the mind and heart.

"Love Thy Naybor Vol 2" A Brothaz Love

"Da Repute able Vol 3" Tiers Still Envisable

And now I'm about to do my second interview for this documentary called "WorldWide Whoopin" it's going to be two parts I already did my first interview last July for the first documentary. This interview for part 2 of "WorldWide Whoopin"


Envisable Tiers (Poem by Julius Jones)

Imagine you as a little kid.

Say waking up

Middle of the night listening to your mama


Endlessly wishing and hoping

She can do it for her baby boys

Just to stay up on top of the rent.

By the time I was I have lost hope

So many scars on top of scars

Then play Russian roulette twice

The first time when, I was 16

the second time when, I was 20

I even got upset, instead of hearing a boom.

All I heard was an empty click.

So, I go out continuously

take my hate, misery out on rival sets.

This shit has you feeling lonely your whole life.

Especially losing four brothers in one month.

The only emotions were shown.

Smoking Barrels and empty clips.

My tattoos are life story.

Being stabbed up, shot inch away from my heart.

Half of my left hand is paralyzed.

Shit, I was even graze on the right side of my temple.

So many....

Seen too many dreams shattered

By that time, I was 18. I'm just numb to the pain!

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@brimalonebrimstrong @Envinsable


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TikTok @juliusjones3636

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