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Young Goldie: A Baltimore Trendsetter and Music Artist that Gives Back and Makes Epic Moves

Young Goldie Baltimore Artist
Young Goldie

Young Goldie a Baltimore trendsetter, also known for his birth name Amin Saddiq Peters is very influential. Tapping into music at a very early age, Goldie participated in talent shows and local events throughout his community. Goldie has been fierce in the Baltimore community as an adult but also making his name known throughout many other states. Not only is Young Goldie an relentless rapper but he is also a fashion icon, jeweler, dancer and all-around entrepreneur. With enormous number of fans, the admired Young Goldie has proven he deserves many recognitions in the game. Young Goldie is a 90's baby with a 90's hustle, leading with an untamed grind daily.

The fashioner is certainly a superstar, being able to juggle his music and his other business ventures. Balancing both perspectives he is able to gain two sides of fanbases that embraces his music and other skillsets. Young Goldie has worked aside artist such as Meek Mill, Young Moose, Light Show, the late Young Dolph and many other elite artists. Young Goldie has also collaborated with Gervonta Davis the famed boxer and made appearances on popular networks such as Fox News, MTV, CNN, MTV JAMS and other cultivating networks and shows. His organic movement has gained him overwhelming awareness, allowing him to be a force in his career.

Young Goldie in the streets
Young Goldie

Talented is an understatement when it comes to Young Goldie, he is an Baltimore artist that has topics and structures that sets him apart from the copycat music artists. Goldie is known for his 2021 bangers "No Problem", "Checks", "Baltimore" and his trendy 2022 single "Why You Lie". Learning the ropes and giving others free game is what Young Goldie do very often reaching timeless limits as he flourishes the music scene.

Although Goldie might seem flashy on social media his laid back and genuine personality is humbling in real life. Creating a momentum of gratitude attracting others to quickly adapt and network with him. Young Goldie does giveaways, raffles, and donates as he loves to give back to others around him often.

Young Goldie wearing Green Jacket
Young Goldie

As an innovative unsigned artist Young Goldie is independently making impactful moves as others do with a big team. His business and branding approach is unmatched as he continues to release music without the help of labels. Rather you're listening to Young Goldie music or seeing him taking a few pictures on Instagram. He is actually someone you can learn from and appreciate as he gives back through gifts and knowledge.


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