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Trending, new generations of artists are starting to take an impactful wave in the industry and Tonyjr is one of those creative artists. His distinctive artistic style grabs your attention as he captures fans with his music and creativity. Tonyjr brings the Texas soul to his music mixed with a dip of the Atlanta twist. His fashion and style also add to his distinguish style that is highly intriguing. Gravitating to his own wave Tonyjr expresses how the art of music makes him feel and expresses why he enjoy it so much. Tonyjr captures the Funkadelic style as he embraces his love for the art by being able to play multiple instruments as well as using his voice. The multi-talented entertainer expresses how his biggest dream would be to collab and smoke with legendary Snoop Dogg, CEO of Death Row Records.

The art of Funkadelic is still heavy influential to fans and soulful musicians around the world. P- Funk also known as Parliament- Funkadelic is a collective of RnB, Hip-Hop, Rock and Disco together, an highly respected art of music formed by the legendary George Clinton. The sound of P-Funk helped pioneer the outcome of Afrofuturism and a creative style of sound.

Artist Tonyjr also remains a skillful songwriter, developing in the art of music and contributing to the art of P-Funk and G-Funk. Tonyjr Talent is rare and is artistically crafty branching him into his own lane. His musical style can be compared to Outkast, Nate Dogg, Big Krit, Pharrell Willams and many others as he natures different genres styles in his music. Tonyjr deeply rooted into music is conveying a flourishing music career within the next few years. The Blends of multitude lyricism is displayed through Tonyjr and his music. If you are looking for good music and a reassuring sound, check out Tonyjr the new remix of soul music, heavy on the G-Funk. You can also go listen to his song "Floating" available on all streaming platforms Tonyjr highly expresses real music, poetic mannerisms and soul.




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