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Mj Gill - Alabama Music Artists Mj Gill and Yung Bleu Shares a Memorable Moment

Mj Gill

Music is a big part of the culture and socially now anyone can easily do it. But is their music good? Well for Evergreen, Alabama music artist Mj Gill he is actually substantial. Mj Gill, who real name is Mark Gill Jr. catalog of music has pushed him further in the spotlight over the years. He is an artist that always seems to be on the radar and constantly releasing dope content. His artistic style vocally and fashionably has a high impact on his prominent career. Recently, Mj Gill who is a huge fan of the talented music artist Yung Bleu, was acknowledged by Yung Bleu himself. Crazy right? Well, Yung Bleu is known for his popular "You're Mines Still" that features the esteemed Hip-Hop artist, Drake. Mj Gill and Yung Bleu recently followed each other on social media and exchanged motivating conversation. The moment was significant to the music game as both music artists are from small cities in Alabama.

Mj Gill Mentioned to us at Poetic Stories how he has always been surrounded by music as he started in his youth years, involving himself in piano. Mj Gill talents doesn't just consist of being a music artist with creative wordplay. He is very much so a gifted sound engineer, fashion connoisseur, and entrepreneur. The favored Hip- Hop artist successfully owns a studio called Sound Camp Studios; he clearly has his hands in a few jars. The independent artist Mj Gill has created so many milestones and honestly, it's very hard to see him slowing down anytime soon.

The way the versatile entertainer has the skill to perform with an organic approach makes him and his music stand out. Mj Gill latest song "Money Walk" which was Directed by REEL FILMZ is soothing the airwaves over the last few months. The music video is trending on YouTube and has reached over 33,000 streaming views. Mj Gill is also known for his other music hits such as "Back On Me" and "Shine" which are popular Jams. With his crafty selection of music Mj Gill has no choice to stand out using his creativity to float across the music scene. Coming from a small city in the south, it's amazing how Mj Gill dominates the culture with his music, fashion, and diversity.

His sound creates a wave that strives and makes everlasting impressions on his fans. Talent is not shortened when it comes to his jazzy beats as his fazing lyrics harmonize the two together. Mj Gill has garnished a lot of buzz over the years, gaining high level attention. The Alabama native has broken boundaries escaping limitations on his life. Although Mj Gill experienced a journey with some struggles, he is not letting anything stand in his way of his flourishing career. He has so much left to show the music biz and we are waiting to see him accomplish everything that is meant for him.


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