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Los Angeles Black Owned Bruce Beach Sold for $20M for Black family’s Seized Property

In 1912, Willa and Charles Bruce purchased land in the city of Manhattan Beach. The couple built a small resort for African Americans on the south shore of Santa Monica Bay.

After purchasing their land the married couple suffered from racist harassment from their neighbors. Unfortunately, even though we came so far in our country racism still exists to some point.

The city eventually took their property for no reason at all. After Willa and Charles property was stolen through eminent domain the city did absolutely nothing with the property.

The Southern California beachfront property was return to their heirs' last year. The beachfront property once owned by the graceful couple will be sold back to Los Angeles County for nearly $20 million dollard.

The heirs' decision to sell the resort which was named Bruces's Beach was based off generational wealth . The 20 million that was denied to them for almost 20 years is finally here. This fight has always been about what is best for the Bruce family and the rebuild of their generational wealth will start to begin.


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