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LeBron James has Surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar NBA Scoring Record- History Made

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's NBA scoring record is broken by the legendary LeBron James!

Before LeBron James claimed it for himself, one of the most incredible records in N.B.A. history remained for almost 39 years. James, a forward with the Los Angeles Lakers, on Tuesday surpassed Kareem Abdul-38,387-point Jabbar's career high. It was a feat that at the time appeared impossible for anyone to do. LeBron James has earned a reputation for himself including his unbelievable performances over time. Lakers legend Magic Johnson, who was at Tuesday’s game and helped lure James to the Lakers in 2018 when he was the team’s president of basketball operations.

In the final seconds of the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he made a fadeaway 2-point jumper to set the record. James jogged back toward the other basket while spreading his arms wide like he was flying. Lifted his arms and turned to face the thousands of spectators watching history being made.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver congratulated James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The previous NBA all-time scorer was in attendance and clapping as James breaks the record. Abdul- Jabbar raised a basketball high before handing it to James as if relinquishing the scoring crown itself.

A host of celebrities and fans were using their social media platforms to congratulate Lebron James on his accomplishments. Getting a little emotional after receiving his award, we seen the passion that Lebron James has for the game.

Lebron deserves what was earned, he has built his successful basketball career with every shot, dribble, steal, and block!

King James CONGRATULATIONS! what a poetic story!


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