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LADY RAW - Pure RAW Talent

Lady Raw
Lady Raw

Based in Savannah, Georgia down by the river where some of the best artists are typically born. Ra’Seanda Brooks emerged, better known by her pseudonym of Lady Raw. She has proven to be just that “RAW” as her career continues to blossom throughout the years. She is not only a female rap artist, but she is a songwriter, engineer and producer, Lady Raw has pure talent. Lady Raw plans to become one of the Rawest female rap artists in this male dominated industry. The RAW in her stage name represents for every REAL ASPIRING WOMAN.

Lady Raw has always had a gravitational attraction to music, simply being instilled in her. AT the age of 10 she displayed a deep passion for writing poetry and learned how to rhyme words. Poetry made everything fall together as she began to write and develop the love for music. Lady Raw mother discovered that her daughter was truly gifted. Lady Raw has an extraordinary way of grasping her fans attention, as they adapt to her the essence of her music. Inspired by Missy Elliot she wanted to be more than a rapper, Lady Raw learned how to make beats, produce music, mix and master it all while perfecting her craft as an music artist.

Lady Raw believes that whatever you put your mind to you can do, as a single mother she continues to flourish in her career. After dealing with a tragic loss in 2017, Lady Raw wanted to give up on her career after receiving news her older brother was murder suddenly. The dark moment made her continue as she felt her brother was telling her to continue her path. Lady Raw continued and shortly after dropped an EP entitled "FOE (Family Over Everything)" produced by Cadillac Zeaux in Atlanta, Georgia. Striving to be more than a local artist she took flight and made them all believers by traveling to Los Angeles California to record with Big Chris Flores her single “Believers” and her newest venture showing her global connection is her single “Say So” produced by Omerta’ her producer in Paris France. She continues to thrive by releasing a single entitled “Swap” featuring veteran Hiphop artist BowWow and she also released a single through her label Bentley entitled “Bank” featuring Hiphop Artist Soulja Boy. Lady Raw has now release “Say So Reloaded” featuring artists Cal Wayne and Stunna Bam both from the Houston, Texas area.

Lady Raw has the capability to be one of the best, her hard work and dedication will make her a few steps in front of her competition. We are looking forward to hear more from the multi-talented Lady Raw.


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