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Professional Basketball Player Kyle Gupton Leads On and Off the Court

Kyle Gupton Basketball Player
Kyle Gupton

Kyle Gupton is a professional basketball player from Ypsilanti, MI. The University of Illinois Springfield former college player is also recognized for many other accomplishments throughout his basketball career. Kyle Gupton has been awarded for his successful professional basketball career since 2014. He was a very active teammate for the Detroit Cobras leading the team in scoring, he also remained star five for the Tamworth Thunderbolts two consecutive years in (2018 - 2019). The prolific athlete has an average that's over 2000+ career points, while elevating in his career. Kyle Gupton earned his stripes while earning himself a 2x Cup Champion.

The Professional basketball player Kyle Gupton is known for his accomplishments on and off the court. Kyle is now in the process of moving forward with his career, possibly looking for a new team he can explore great leadership with. We wouldn't mind seeing Kyle as a coach as well, spreading his gifts to the youth around him. Giving back to the community and reaching out to others comes naturally for the graceful spirited athlete. Over the years Kyle Gupton has been very active in helping the youth with mentoring and leadership. Kyle Gupton is very often referred to as an stand-up guy and not just an athlete. We are excited to see where he goes next in his career, we know in his life on and off the court that Kyle Gupton makes successful layups. Keep dropping baskets Kyle and scoring goals!


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