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Kidd Suavay And Rico Suavay Releases New Mixtape December 23rd "Krazy Music 2" Is On The Way

Two Savannah, Georgia music artists Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay will be dropping a new mixtape December 23rd called "Krazy Music 2". Ending the year with a banger this mixtape is a good play for the artists. The nine track "Krazy Music 2" mixtape consist of only one steaming hot feature that includes skillful Krazylifestyle ENT. label mate Rob Low. Impactfully Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay decided to hold this project down by themselves and collectively releasing banger after banger. The pair plans on releasing "Walk With Me" music video the same day "Krazy Music 2" drops. The video was shot and directed by KJKR Studios, Kidd Suavay assisted with directing as well. A double impact is in rotation as they decided to take this route. Fans are patiently waiting as others have been posting and talking about the upcoming release.

Hip - Hop artists Kidd Suavay is known to still remain very active in his career despite being incarcerated. Not many artists can still find time to create in a space where they have limited resources, Kidd Suavay work ethic has made him stand out. The start of Kidd Suavay music journey begin as a youth as he always adapted to diverse music.

Rico Suavay contributed heavy towards the music project as well as he engineered the whole nine track album. CEO of the A.P.E label Rico Suavay is making a name for himself as he continues to get heavily involve in music. The first "Krazy Music " mixtape was exclusively released on the popular platform My Mixtapez featured on front page in 2015. The pair Kidd Suavay and Rico Suavay has rebooted a brand-new mix tape nearly 8 years later. We are excited to see the outcome of this mixtape "Krazy Music 2" by these straight fire music artists.

"Krazy Music 2" is now available to pre-order click link to check it out


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