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Illinois Music Artist AMG Uses Lyricism for Therapy

Alton, Illinois music artist AMG is known for his creative music style. Music has been therapy for AMG, addiction of his most impactful healing process. Unfortunate trauma from childhood caused that talented music artist to gravitate towards writing meaningful music. Music allows security for AMG, as he appreciates the music and the lyricism within songs that related most towards his life. Whenever he feels trauma, passion, or emotion, he adapts to music to convey whatever comes from his soul.

Research has shown that music can boost the brain's production of the hormone dopamine.

At an early age AMG got addicted to writing down his favorite song lyrics, using the old-school method to help him develop as an artist. The art of poetry slowly was drifted towards AMG as he started to create his own music. The diversified artist began his musical journey singing then transitioning to rapping as well. AMG began to take his music to the next level, addition to rehearsing his songs. His work ethic had built his own personal confidence and for those around him. Despite some negatives opinions on growing into an artist AMG kept going and began to master his craft.

After rolling in college full-time AMG decided to drop out putting everything towards his growing career. AMG knows that being a musician is his true calling. His versatility separates him from local musicians and musical artists because his writing comes from the heart.

AMG recently has been releasing songs with some talented local artists including MoneyThaPlug, GMG Yun Taurus, and RjTheRealest. Trending artist Nuski2Squad has locked in with AMG dropping a new song this year named "Knew Better". AMG also have his second album dropping soon, including musical videos being released through popular production companies such as VicMontFilms, Torrey Productions, and Nico Nel Media.

Recently, AMG started performing, primarily trying to expand his horizons and increase his fan base. The rising artist started from humble beginnings and aspires to create generation wealth within his family. If AMG stays consistent he would be able to make impactful moves with his career. Inclined towards leading the music game with a flame we see a great future for AMG.


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