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IKE Rhein busting on the scene with his New Single “Rush”

Pop star Ike Rhein has burst onto the music scene in 2023 with his electrifying debut single, "RUSH," featuring the Billboard-charting rapper Zoey Dollaz. This captivating track serves as a tantalizing preview of what's to come from Ike Rhein's highly anticipated debut album, "Memoir," set to release early next year.

"RUSH" takes listeners on a thrilling journey, introducing a love interest to the exhilarating fast life that comes with being a music artist. Ike Rhein describes the rush that comes from the music industry, a whirlwind of emotions encompassing lust, love, and relentless pursuit. With its laid-back vibe and confident swagger, "RUSH" cleverly disguises itself as a love song while showcasing Ike Rhein's impressive vocal range.

The brilliance of "RUSH" lies in its fusion of genres. Drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B/Soul, the song captivates with its slick lyrics and irresistible melodies. Ike Rhein collaborated with a dream team to bring this sonic masterpiece to life. Multi-platinum producer Danny E.B (Dannyebtracks) crafted the infectious beats, while multi-platinum songwriter Felly The Voice and Zoey Dollaz penned the compelling lyrics.

However, "RUSH" is just the beginning of Ike Rhein's musical endeavors this year. The talented artist has two more singles planned for release, both showcasing his versatility and unique style. One of these singles will feature the multi-platinum superstar Sean Kingston, further fueling the excitement surrounding Ike Rhein's return to the spotlight. It's safe to say that Ike Rhein is back and ready to dominate the music scene once again.

Digging into Ike Rhein's inspiring biography, we discover the roots of this 21-year-old Pop singer from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who now calls Miami, Florida home. Ike Rhein's musical journey began at a young age when he discovered his voice and found solace in music while growing up in foster care. As a child, he honed his skills on various instruments and started crafting melodies and compositions, using music as a powerful coping mechanism.

Since then, Ike Rhein has garnered attention from numerous media outlets, including Sweety High, Lyrical Lemonade, The Source, and many others. With an impressive social media following of nearly half a million and millions of streams and views, Ike Rhein's talent has captivated audiences worldwide. He has collaborated with esteemed artists such as multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Vinny DeLeon, Luh Kel, Andy Vandette, Felly The Voice, Zoey Dollaz, and YN Jay.

In late 2022, Ike Rhein embarked on a tour alongside Luh Kel and multi-platinum rapper Soulja Boy, further solidifying his rise in the music industry. Now, as he prepares to unveil his highly anticipated debut album, "Memoir," in early 2024, fans eagerly anticipate the release of this transformative project. With a unique blend of futuristic elements and nostalgic vocals, Ike Rhein's distinct sound is poised to take center stage on a global scale.

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