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Grammy Nominated RENEGADE EL REY Has Been Setting A Blaze

RENEGADE EL REY is a Grammy nominated Hip-Hop artist, engineer, writer and artist born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. The accomplished triple threat has been lighting fire to his trailblazing passion for music with countless songs, EP's and albums. This year alone RENEGADE EL REY has dropped 3 singles "F U Mean", "Make It Count" and "Full Tank" along with his passionate flowing EP "My Gift To You". RENEGADE EL REY has been building his brand and putting in hard work which allows his artistry to stand out on its own.

With the track record of success and continuously pushing forward you can recognize what he possesses as an artist, entrepreneur, engineer, father and leadership. All of RENEGADE EL REY talents derives from within, believing in himself and his gifts has allowed for the hustle and the drive to flourish. The art of his craftsmanship has heightened and amplified by never giving up despite the circumstances and challenges in life.

Being able to create music with some of Atlanta's legends including Big Boi from the iconic music groups Outkast shows you his caliber of talent and skill in this form of art we call Hip-Hop. RENEGADE EL REY latest EP titled "My Gift To You" is available on Apple Music, YouTube, TIDAL, Spotify and ITunes. All of his music can also be streamed on these platforms for your listening pleasure. He can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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