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Enemy of the Fake E.O.T.F

Boston, Massachusetts artist Enemy Of The Fake also known as E.O.T.F was raised in Dorchester, a neighborhood in Boston. Growing up in Boston & New York E.O.T. F grew up listening to wide variety of Music; from Old School Dancehall Reggae, to Reggaeton, Hip Hop, R&B, Calypso, to Soca, or even my family’s cultural music, Punta or Garifuna music. He has a love for the creation of music in general. Enemy Of the Fake love all types of music genre. His musical inspiration comes from his day-to-day experiences in life, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Enemy Of the Fake Just released his new album "Unconditional Trauma" that features some hot producers including Ronny Dewwy. The album is doing well since it officially dropped, and we wanted to get a little more insight on the artist Enemy Of The Fake and his album itself.

What’s a message you want your listeners to take away from “Unconditional Trauma”?

The overall message that I want my listeners to take from "Unconditional Trauma" is that a lot of what shapes a person's character is the trauma and adversity that they face. I also wanted to highlight the fact that we are in a time where everyone is going through hard times of all sorts. It's about knowing there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel you just can’t give up in the middle.

Where do you record and what’s your recording process like?

I record the majority of my music myself in my home studio and started recording myself in the projects in a small bedroom. Wherever I go, my studio goes. I also record at Ugly Duck studios in Brighton & Do Over Don’t studios in Norwood. Sometimes I’ll touch base at The Record Co when I want to change the environment.

What’s your recording process like?

My recording process is all over the place but basically, I try to come up with a hook to lead the song & then fill it in with the verse after. Typically, I’ve thought out the plot and direction of the song before recording. Most recently my song direction is based on whichever vibe comes first. If I gravitate towards the beat, I’ll start writing or just freestyle. It all depends on the vibe, and feeling the beat provides. I just let the music flow how it flows.

When you grow your platform how will you give back to your community?

When I grow my platform, I plan to start growing a strong music network in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts music scene is currently still developing and upcoming. With a lack of musical guidance in Massachusetts, it’s difficult for talent to be heard. It’s all politics. Once I surpass this, I’d just go back to all the places that have helped me in my journey & give back in any way I can.

Who are some of the creatives you have involved on your tape?

There were a few creatives involved in this project. These creatives include the producers: Ronny Dewwy, Prod by Garne, Neil Muglurmath, Lamen, JayO, SaveYourTears, Ob Music, Leo Son, Juvie St, K4pel, Helpsisleet & Django. I had two engineers involved as well aside from myself which were KSully from Do Over Don’t & Dephrase from Ugly Duck Studios.

What more can we expect from Enemy Of The Fake?

In the future you can expect more great music and new visuals from this project. For now, I’m just building my team to compete with the industry, so we can get it our way.


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