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Baltimore's Most Consistent Music Artist Logan H. James is on his Way to London!

Logan H. James Performing
Logan H. James

It's Logan!! Baltimore's admired music artist Logan H. James is always making moves nationwide. Logan H. James was recently voted Baltimore's most consistent artist, as he deserves it. The sedulous artist will be performing Sunday July 2nd, 2023 at a secret location the event is powered by Hoodfavstoner. Tickets are available for purchase for this exclusive event at This event is sure to be a banger as Logan H. James will bless Baltimore with another great performance as he always does. Making a name for himself independently and building a coherent brand, Logan is stomping the industry ten toes down.

Logan H. James is now on his way to London to talk UK business with production company Cool and Calm Production. Logan will be having a meeting with Brian Miller who is considered "the plug" for many industry giants. The flight was booked an loaded by the brandish company BTheMillers luxurious travels. The lavish travel agency always has the best deals that accommodates clients. Can you say amazing! This is such an achievement for an independent artist. Logan H. James work ethic speaks volumes as he decorates the music industry. He has been seen around the world with his vital vocals speaking animated words into the mic. The passionate music artist has connected with many famed celebrities, using his in-your-face personality to navigate his way very smoothly through the entertainment world. Logan not only uses his talents, but he utilizes his marketing skills to complete himself as an artist and entrepreneur.

Logan is still traveling the world off his one hit single "For Real For Real" which has been a fav song not only to fans but the famed Coalition DJ's. The Coalition Dj's constantly spins the record in rotation as they acknowledge Logan's skills. Logan has finally spoken out to sources and announced he will be releasing new music soon. This is what fans been waiting for, new hits from the lyrical Logan H. James. Logan is planning on releasing music that comes from all angles musically a little romance, sex, lyrical, and good vibes. Logan is a diverse artist, and his music is finally about to be heard from all points. His new music releases is what the music game needs.

Accomplishing so much throughout his career from hosting, knocking stages down, and traveling the world independently, Logan is certainly Baltimore certified. Logan was just spotted on the stage as legendary RnB music artist Ginuwine was performing. Logan H. James was also hitting a stage the same day in the area rocking his pink attire, gravitating his substantiate motion onto the stage. His music being shared around the globe is the reason he is headed to London this Thursday as he has created a fanbase throughout the UK as well. Logan H. James is moving swiftly through the industry as he gathers his organic wave. His website shares the brands he works with, music, and updated information on the popular artist. His artistry is not copy and paste and he bring his on style to his music and brand. Logan H. James is on his way to shake up London. Baltimore's most consistent music artist is spinning up the game, Let's go Logan we are here for it.

Logan H.James rocking Pink
Logan H. James


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