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Baltimore Hip-Hop Artist Sorcez Dienero Hits UK Charts and Gains New Fans

With so many rap artists vying for listeners’ attention nowadays, it’s common to be a bit late to the party in discovering a special talent whose skills merit them being on your radar. Sorcez Dienero falls in that category for me, as he’s quickly become an artist whose raw rhyme spills have spread around more since first catching wind of him around the release of his 2022 single, "Bout That Money". Now, in less than one years’ time, it’s gotten to where Sorcez Dienero sheer presence on a song merits a spin if I come across it, streets are begging for an entire project. The Baltimore, Park Heights rep drops off his latest offering, "Bout That Money" a robust single featuring Zeek and Tae Wilson.

Within six months Sorcez Dienero single hit 100,000 streams and charted number thirteenth on United Kingdom iTunes chart. Fans are eagerly expecting what this budding rap sensation has in store for them as he is positioned for great things in the future. Sorcez Dienero obviously has a promising future in front of him. This artist is certain to leave a lasting impression on the rap game thanks to his talent and commitment to his profession. Sorcez Dienero already has a sizable following on social media sitting at 318,000 followers. It is important to take Sorcez Dienero seriously because he is truly a talented music artist.


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