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It's no surprise that Boosie has been hustling and thriving lately, the "Wipe me Down" artist has been signing new artist and releasing movies rapidly lately. Chaney B, a new artist of BadAzz ENT. is on the rise as he prepares to release his first album, "I Need A Million" hosted by Bigga Rankin. The Florida artist is known for his rapid-fire flow with hardcore based vibes. Releasing his new album, "I Need A Million" on Halloween October 31st, 2022, he is focused on that and the outcome. Chaney B talked highly about the project and discussed the mixed emotions he had about his first official debut album.

The diversified artist struggles over the years made him appreciate what he has now and how he want to continue to grow in his career and personal life.

The reform Chaney B is on a different journey while trying to develop a life with long jeopardy. Despite some difficulties Chaney B endured in his early years he has managed to learn from it and use it as fuel in his developing career. Entrepreneurship, music, acting and writing will be developing in is his next journey mentioned by Chaney B as we talked to him about experiences in life.

Chaney B expressed how he is grateful for Boosie, giving him a platform to grow as an artist and assisting with his career. Chaney B discussed with us (Poetic Stories) how it is being a member of the BadAzz Entertainment family. He stated that being at Boosie estate you must show your hard work and dedication while being a part of the BadAzz ENT. Boosie label and camp seems to have the same hustle grounds as the prior highly profiled labels, such as Murder Inc, Roc-A-Fella, Cash Money Records, Ruff Ryders and many other elite labels that has developed groundbreaking artist.

It's a group of people making their name with the tools and resources they have. You have to go for it, everything is in front of you and I'm going the hard way "quoted" by Artist Chaney B. Understanding his past and the mistakes he made to contribute to his growth is remarkable. We salute Chaney B for his growth and determination as he continues to accomplish everything he want in life.

Chaney B is not just an rapper, but he is also getting highly into acting. You can catch the artist starring in Kodak Black series City of War and also Boosie new film "Water Boyz". Chaney B is very wise as he speaks on making a change in his life and his outlook to become successful in his career. Even though he mentions the difficulty of the transition he also says it was much needed. Understanding that staying on the path he was previously on wasn't right for him or his family.

We are looking forward to the release of Chaney B new album and what he will do next moving forward. We appreciate Chaney B sitting down and talking to Poetic Stories about his new album and officially releasing his first sit down with our platform. Support Chaney B New Album he need a million streams as well!

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Chaney B

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Chaney B


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