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Athens, Georgia Music Artist Sho is About his BUSINEZZ

Music artist Sho Businezz
Sho Businezz

Athens, Georgia music artist Sho also known as Sho Businezz will be dropping his new single "Sticks" very soon. The anticipated track is produced by Suhpreme J and Drell on Da Track. The "Sticks" music video which is directed by Berrari Films looks like it backs up the craze wave of the upcoming single. Sho has been in the music game for a minute releasing trendy music back to back. His track "Fresh out the Feds" that was shot by McMatty G has been bumping around the streets. This track was one of his first releases after being incarcerated. After his incarceration, Sho music slowly become recognizable around the music scene.

His latest single "The Truth" (Beat It) captured the attention of fans as he embellished the beat with his skillful wordplay. The track that was released at the beginning of the year is still hitting fans upsides the head. The single is currently running up thousands on the popular Spotify platform. He has also worked with flourishing DJ's such as DJ Kutt Throat and DJ Lil Mark with QC DJ's. Sho Businezz is certainly about his business lately. Hitting up the music wave and putting hard work into his music is what he is on next.

Using his setback to flourish and gain awareness to his music is a win for the upcoming music artist Sho. His social media traffic shows just how much people are paying attention to southern music artist. Sho who real name is Eddreck Hayes has become critical with music releases using techniques that will build to his music brand. Sho has been hitting stages, flexing his performances with his rhymes and leveling up as an upcoming music artist. Underrated music artist is often found stealing the spotlight, creeping past many sought after artists. We see this happening with the impressive Sho as he continues his music career.

new single by Sho- "Sticks"
Sho Music artist

We believe Sho is ready to prove he is something to be respected and not forgotten. Exploring his prompt, crafty, yet graphic detail of things surrounding his life. In the same breath still being able to make a fun vibe to his music is dope! Sho keep attacking the music game and handling BUSINEZZ!!

Check him out follow him on IG @official_shobusinezz Twitter @shobusinezz Facebook SHo Biz


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