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Music Artist Twenty-Two is Making Moves Throughout the Midwest

When you were 10 years old, what were you doing?

Influenced and inspired by his mother, artist Twenty-Two was already headed towards a music career at the tender age of ten. Always surrounded by music Twenty- Two grew up in the youth choir and playing the drums. Given that the majority of today's musicians are in their late teens or very early twenties, it was certain his gift would continue grow over time. If anything, it's surprising that he didn't have a number-one single before high school. His love for poetry runs deep and he uses it to construct his lyrics towards his tracks and creating music projects. "Poetry is Art " Twenty-Two recently stated in a previous interview. When you hear his music, it's obviously demonstrating a form of poetry.

Gifted, undoubtedly, it all comes from his dedication and upbringing. Twenty- Two was born in Decatur, IL but over time traveled back and forth for many years, living in St. Louis as well. The Lil Wayne era is a part of hip-hop history and twenty-two was locked in from that point on. The talented Twenty-Two has rocked stages and opened up for music artists Starlito and Don Trip. The list doesn't stop there, Twenty-Two has also opened for PGF Nuk , Derez Deshon, and more talented artist. Elevating in the music scene Twenty -Two name was now spreading throughout the Midwest. Writing, singing, and rapping aknowledges Twenty-Two is a triple threat as he continues to tap into music. Potential and growth is limitless for Twenty-Two and he comes highly recommended to keep on your radar.


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