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Chad Focus and T-Pain Settles "Dance With Me" Bad Business Deal After his Prison Release

Music Artist Chad Focus
Chad Focus

In 2018, Maryland rap artist Chad Focus got himself in a sticky situation with a bad business deal.

Chad Focus is known for his music and viral moment, in 2019 he was indicted on wire fraud conspiracy case which caused his music career to be on hold.

Shortly before his arrest, during CIAA weekend Chad got associated with a security guard and transportation driver named Dwight. After hearing Chad Focus trending single "Dance With Me" Dwight introduced Chad to Tonio Jenae. The mysterious man Tonio was known to handle some features for popular artists such as Tank, T-Pain, and other musical talents. Tonio Jenae offered Chad Focus an exclusive collaboration with the famous Auto-Tone singer T-Pain. The two gentlemen agreed on a $20,000 fee for a feature and $5,000 for the manager's commission.

After hearing the song and liking it, T-Pain returned the MP3 file a few days later after receiving agreed payment. Tonio then came to Chad Focus with another offer that will be beneficial to Chad career since the song went so well. T-Pain was going to do a music video with Chad in the city of Baltimore for an additional $12,500 including manger commission, which was paid in full. A certified initial contract was documented between the two participating parties. The contract included details that T-pain would promote the single on his social media, if ever performing in Baltimore Chad Focus will be a feature performance; and to show up for the "Dance with Me" music video. Sometime after the middleman Tonio emailed the contract back to Chad and asked for a few changes. Tonio asked that all the concessions be removed except for showing up for the music video, Chad did that and emailed it back to Tonio. The contract was returned with what seemed like to be an official T-pain signature.

T-Pain and Chad Focus
Tpain and Chad Focus

The day of the music video shoot T-Pain missed his flight, Tonio called Chad Focus and stated that T-Pain had overslept and that was the cause of the missed flight. Earlier that morning, T-Pain apologized for not being able to make it to Baltimore and stated Tonio would give him information on rescheduling in the future. That morning was the first and last time Chad Focus spoke to T-Pain. Fast forward, on January 9th, 2023, Chad Focus seen a post on DJ Akademiks Instagram involving T-Pain. DJ Akademiks is an established podcaster and media personality.

The post on DJ Akademick page had T-Pain conversing via podcast discussing his "Big Ass Chain" story where he spent $400,000 on a chain he owns. T-Pain stated he bought the expensive chain because somebody dared him to. The Grammy nominated artist also mentioned that the chain was still worth approximately $200,000 as of today.

Chad Focus commented on that post, as he felt he was played on his business deal in 2018. Proceeding in comments, Chad stated that it was essentially crazy that T-pain was promoting something like this while owing him $20,000. Chad had accumulated $20,000 in debt for a failed video shoot, flights, security, hotel suites, and transportation sprinters. Upset, Chad continually typed how T-Pain ran off with his money and let down the city of Baltimore.

There were others chiming in on the conversation including Logan H. James, a well-known Baltimore rapper. Logan H. James agreed with Chad Focus on DJ Akademiks post backing up the claims.

T-Pain and Chad spent a few hours exchanging lengthy replies back and forth on Akademiks post. They both spoke bluntly about the entire incident for the entire public to see and comment on. Eventually, the two followed each other on Instagram and exchange contacts. After conversing, Chad Focus and T-Pain immediately handled it like grown men via telephone. After hashing things out and apologizing the two came to a civilized understanding.

Even though the two men went back and forth for a brief moment on Instagram, the controversy gradually died down. The respected gentlemen came to the conclusion that it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Chad Focus and T-Pain agreed that there was a mutual acquittance of bad business. T-Pain was unaware of some of the dealings that was getting handled on the side while also misrepresenting certain claims and requirements. Unaware, T-Pain was also supposed to be included on Chad's Focus remix record.

After five years of mishandled contracts, a business mishap was solved respectfully between two mature adults. It was settled, T-Pain signature was forged, and he never even signed the contract.

The two music artists decided that they will re-shoot the "Dance With Me Remix" video in the future. After an mishandled situation T-Pain is still open to committing to a project he originally agreed to be a part of. That right there shows character and personality. T-Pain explained to Chad that it was important to save his face card as he always did honest business in the industry.

The malicious game of the music industry can be handled unprofessional at times. It takes people like Chad Focus and T-Pain to allow self-respect speak for them. We often see people profiting off of others values, name, and brand. The Middleman business can either be a gift or a curse in any business deal. Fortunately, Chad and T-Pain came together and got on the same page peacefully and showed the public peaceful resolutions. Cooler heads prevail and results showed a good impactful business deal.

If this was taken the wrong way, could've developed on headlines as a negative scandal grabbing headlines attention. It's safe to say the positive ending is much respected and impactful to the community of black men.

Hopefully when the two music artist re-shoot in the future the timeless hit "Dance With Me" music video it will stand the test of time. Nearly 8 years after its original 2017 release, it gains the traction it deserves and garner mainstream success.

Lesson learned and peace was made, this is how you turn lemons into lemonade.

Chad Focus "Dance With Me Remix" featuring T-Pain is a phenomenal dance record. You can find the single on apple music and decide for yourself.


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