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Tyson Hall the Actor is Much More than Sam From Power Book III: Raising Kanan

50 cent is an rapper known for some of the hottest TV shows that has hit the Starz network. Undeniable he has always kept the talent fresh and allowing seasoned actors to bless the screen as well. Sam, from Executive Producer 50 cent hit show Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a fan favorite, that casually get talks about. We all know Sam had a story but just not enough time to find out the truth behind the mysterious character. Sam, which real name is Tyson Hall has made impactful movements not only on screen but off the screen as well. Tyson Hall accomplishments as an actor, producer, director, and an aesthete painter has made Tyson Hall stand out much more. Over 20 years of sedulous in the industry, the groomed actor has had the pleasure of working with such names as Ice-T, Forest Whitaker, and Keke Palmer. Tyson has also had the opportunity to work amongst some great lates such as Ossie Davis, Michael K. Williams, and DMX.

Tyson acting career is a varied journey which is notable for recognition. Did you know Tyson Hall first on screen acting opportunity was in 2002, appearing in the classic film (Paid In Full)? Well, it was and you can check out more of Tyson acting background by looking into his IMDb. The community leader has appeared on the Hulu show Godfather of Harlem, based off the infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson. Tyson has also appeared in American Gangster, Gully Rowdy, Law and Order, Pimp, Wire, and more eminent TV shows and movies. Ironically, Tyson was heavily into fashion before considering the film career. He sort of stumbled across acting and began to enjoy and execute the profession. After adapting into the film career and learning the game he used his knowledge towards helping the youth. Offering them mentorship and teaching them the fundamentals, life skills, and development towards the profession of acting.

Actor Tyson Hall
Tyson Hall

True art is not what you see but what you make others see. Tyson Hall is also a professional painter, an extraordinary fine artist. The curator artistic abilities are remarkable and most certainly deserves recognition. The way Tyson excels at bringing the vision to current and historical culture values is graceful to art lovers. Tyson started in the game known as street art, visuals that are displayed in public locations. As of now his talents has surpassed since, captivating the full potential of art and gratitude for the art community. Although his inspiring paintings are monetary, Tyson also donates to museums and charities including the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

As of now the New York native is still grinding as he is focusing on directing and writing his own films. Tyson is a man of many talents cultivating the culture as he continues to shine through with his natural aptitude. Poetic Stories really enjoyed the time talking with Tyson Hall, as we learned his diverse skills and how he heavily contributes to the arts. Tyson is humble, graceful, and very educated which explains why he has continued to thrive over 20 years in his career.


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