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VenueGPS Invades Battle Rap League Event Hosted By Rare Breed ENT. In Atlanta

Today as we celebrate Veterans Day, a special federal holiday that honors military veterans of the United States armed forces. CEO Conn Morey is the owner of the burgeoning brand VENUEGPS which is thriving in the networking and business community. The Veteran turned business owner has been traveling the world and sharing awareness about his flourishing brand VENUEGPS which has been featured on Forbes, sponsored so many events and has been on other radars which includes high-profile celebrities and business owners.

Less than two weeks ago, Poetic Stories was able to get some (BTS) behind the scenes as Conn Morey traveled to Atlanta, Georgia attending a battle league event hosted by the thriving Rare Breed ENT also known as RBE. The popular entrepreneurs A.R.P and Shotta are the founders and Co-owners of the Hip-Hop and Rap Battle league. The accomplished league also has important partners that includes Ant and Lawrence who are a big part of the RBE expansion. We were excited to get the inside action firsthand as we enjoyed the great tag along with Conn Morey. The thriving CEO Conn was able to get front row action of seeing two of his skillful brand ambassadors go head-to-head in a rap battle. Battle league rappers Showoff and Ish Mulah stood face to face as they prepared to have an epic battle in the rap boxing ring. The action was exciting and of course it was some display of dope wordplay.

Expressing excitement, Conn expressed his interest over the years for the love he has for the battle league culture. Popular social media influencer and music artist Chyng interviewed VENUEGPS owner Conn Morey as he headed to his destinations throughout the popular city Atlanta. Chyng discussed with him topics about the battle league, the future plans for VENUEGPS and much more. The filming of VENUEGPS Atlanta weekend was filmed by the talented videographer Sef, who also served and is a respected veteran of the United States army. The filming was provided collectively by Poetic Stories, VENUEGPS and Sef Productions.

Overall, VENUEGPS is the business you need to be connected to moving forward. The goal for the company is essential, being described as a digital promoter. Beneficial to the community and the culture VENUEGPS has extended a network of community all on one platform. Helping brands, businesses and clients successfully connect as one, the brand is certainly on its way for greatness.


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