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Social Media Influencer Chyng Celebrates Love with New Girlfriend Meisha Derrick - ChyngXBigMeesh

Popular social media influencer and entertainer announces her new relationship, making it a viral moment. Chyng who is known as Iamchyng on all her social media platforms has the ability to grasp fans instantly with her creative content. Announcing her latest relationship was a shocker but captured overwhelming welcoming attention from the comments that was blasted over her social media platform. Chyng and her girlfriend Meisha Derrick who also is known as Big Meesh both shared to their social media platforms heartwarming messages to each other. Almost two weeks ago all eyes were on Chyng as she released exclusive videos and pictures confirming her relationship. Some fans were assuming it was a stunt but when the two couples shared how they spent Mother's Day it was giving much reality. The beautiful couple spent time with both of their mothers on a vacation, showing the haters it's the real deal.

Love is love and those two surely seem to be happy and enjoying life together as a pair. Recently the couple dropped a duo YouTube channel called ChyngXBigMeesh that dives into their relationship deeper. The channel is based off stories, creative content, vlog, and funny pranks, capturing their ravishing moments together. The two summarize in one video how the relationship gradually started and expressed how the relationship grew from an organic friendship. The smiles that are shared between the couple when they are in each other presents is priceless.

Chyng is known for her creative content, music, and acting roles. Not only does she handle business in front of the camera Chyng executes behind the camera as a creative director. Many females have to be known for their beauty, but the multitalented Chyng is known for her beauty and brains. The Detroit, Michigan native created an organic following that reaches thousands daily. Her Tik-Tok peeks at 1.5 million followers, as well as carrying high numbers on her Facebook and Instagram platforms as well. The Iamchyng social media tags constantly creates viral moments that has been shared by many celebrities including the iconic Snoop Dogg. Chyng girlfriend Meisha Derrick is a content creator and specialized videographer from West Palm Beach, Florida. She has the ability to capture dope and unique visuals bringing awareness to many brands and businesses. Big Meesh is truly talented behind the lens using the skills of her creative eye to determine the art of the screen. The rising curator Meisha Derrick has been known to develop concepts and visuals that has solid moments, including reality tv.

The two has seem to be paired together not only as lovers but as well as business partners. That's the best feeling to share with someone is wealth, health, trust, and love that creates a true partnership. Even though the relationship was newly announced it's starting to seem like Chyng and Big Meesh will be around for a long time. Between their creative content, family time, and businesses I can say these two women are busy and focused. The two are excelling and sharing grace in the Atlanta area using their platforms as outlets to share love and content. We are excited to see more from the delightful couple separately and together. Team Love is Love, Poetic Stories is here for this couplet.


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