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RAYSLEEVES - Serial Entrepreneur


Tell Poetic Stories about yourself?

I’m a serial entrepreneur DJ, Fashion Designer & Truck Owner

What got you into the DJ field?

I Always Loved Music and I always wanted to control the vibes whenever I went to party at places.

What music genre do you prefer?

Hip hop and R&B cause that’s what I grew up on, but I want to learn other cultures

Define fashion

Fashion is self-expression and identity what you choose to wear says things about you without you talking

Raysleeves is an consistent entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. The versatile entrepreneur has tapped into all his talents and has explored all surfaces. In fashion and music RaySleeve has worked with celebrities on both ventures. The fashion designer started his clothing line in 2014 as the Detroit Hip-Hop artist Dej Loaf was the first to wear his brand called DetroitSleeves and Clovis Bungee. Raysleeves fashion is inspired by his thoughts and emotions that is relatable to his fans and customers that support his clothing brand.

DJRaysleeves has been developing his DJ career as well, as he enjoys the fact that music brings people together. Just after a few years of being on the DJ scene Raysleeve has been flourishing and actively has been pursuing his career as one of Detroit's favorite DJs. Raysleeve is a traveling DJ and he also likes listening to artist music to help them expand if he like their music. The thriving entrepreneur is passionate about anything he put his mind to. Skillful and determination has given Raysleeve greater opportunities towards his career. To get connected or if you want to check out Raysleeve you can follow him on Instagram @detroitsleeves for more clothing brand drops!


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