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The author, Dr. Claud Anderson wrote the book PowerNomics with the intention to inform POC (People of Color) that their current lifestyle struggles can improve if they simply make a plan to practice a life that amplifies all of their social, political and economical affairs. By being aware of how to combat racism, monopolized societies, and economical disadvantages, POC well be able to pull themselves out of the "crab bucket" mentality which will essentially catapult communities into economical empowerment.

Dr. Claud Anderson's book PowerNomics speaks on things that are hidden or unknown to the POC communities like individualism vs Cooperative and group learning which is an destructive ideology that has propelled individuals to not think of community but to solely think of "self" , hence the chaotic individualism some music, tv shows, and other forms of media influences people to be, compared to cooperative learning that propels POC into wealth by working together.

Many people have said that PowerNomics is one of the most informational, intuitive, problem solving books that has ever been written. The answer to poverty for POC is written in this book and it has the ability to raise the conscious of the communities that are seeking real solutions.

In the words of Malcom X:

"Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights. It is the means to help our children and thereby increase self-respect"


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