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Nick Laureano - Motivational Speaker that Uplifts with Positivity and Encouragement

Nick Laureano Motivational Speaker
Nick Laureano

Boston, Massachusetts motivational speaker Nick Laureano is a keynote speaker that unleashes positivity. He uses his voice and wisdom to inspire, impact, and empower the masses. Being a 3x suicide survivor he highly advocates on the importance of mental health. Laureano has performed on virtual platforms and in-person using his voice as a weapon of encouragement. His speeches are the blueprint from past testimonies that captivates his routinely inspirational thoughts as an impetus speaker.

Nick also is dedicated to the art of fitness which helps extremely with his mental health practices, knowing the two are highly connected. Exercises is known to reduce anxiety, decrease depression, and also can improve memory. The huge nutrition fanatic implies healthy living with healthy life, building a bridge to overall gratitude to the mind, body, and soul. Nick uses his effective skills to uplift others with positivity and encouragement.

Nick Laureano sitting on steps
Nick Laureano

With three dedicated years as a motivational speaker, Nick is certainly using his platform to impact lives of others as he motivates his self-daily as well. Nick journey hasn't always been easy, but he knows the worth as he impacts lives around him. Using his social media platform to leave heartfelt messages daily is a value that his followers receive as a free gift heartening insight. Nick is inspired by other motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Eric Thomas as they all are very versatile and deliver their messages in different ways inspiring others around the world.

As the Owner of the clothing brand Only The Motivated , the prospering speaker uses his catchy inspirational phases to be printed on creative t-shirt designs. Motivational speaker, actor, entrepreneur, and man of God is Nick Laureano wrapped in a speech-maker magic ball. We are looking forward to seeing Nick increase more healthy thoughts and bring love with his impeccable speeches.


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