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Miriah Stacy Reality TV Show "Reality of Women in the Industry" is set to premiere September 24th"

Miriah Stacy CEO
Miriah Stacy

"Reality of Women in the Industry" is an original show that aims to shed light on the experiences of women in various industries and empower them. The women-based reality tv show was created by CEO Miriah Stacy. This captivating reality show has recently collaborated with an upcoming tour called GIRLSONTHASCENETOUR. The collaboration allows the show to showcase its episodes in different cities, creating an opportunity for wider exposure and engagement.

The first episode of "Reality of Women in the Industry" is set to premiere September 24th, and the trailer will be revealed at the first Pitstop on the GIRLSONTHASCENETOUR. This tour spans across the United States and even includes foreign countries, making it accessible to a diverse audience. If you're a woman interested in promoting your platforms with GIRLSONTHASCENE, you can email your name and city to this show, with filming led by TheRealPaulJeant, features a talented cast including Chyng, Brynz, Carli V, Glamorous Taye, and Tiana Redd. By sharing their stories and experiences, these women bring forth a powerful message of empowerment and resilience.

"Reality of Women in the Industry" explores the challenges, triumphs, and unique journeys of women in various professional fields. Viewers can expect to gain insights into the realities and hurdles faced by women, but also witness their strength, determination, and success. Miriah Stacy's show aims to inspire and uplift women, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and break barriers in their respective industries.

Through its focus on women empowerment, "Reality of Women in the Industry" provides a platform for dialogue, support, and celebration of women's achievements. By showcasing the episodes during the GIRLSONTHASCENETOUR, the show aims to reach a wider audience, creating awareness and fostering a sense of community among women in different cities.

If you cannot attend the first Pitstop in Montgomery, AL, don't worry! You can subscribe to the show page "Reality of Women in the Industry" to ensure you don't miss any episodes. Join the journey of empowerment, learning, and inspiration as the show unfolds and highlights the incredible stories of women in the industry.


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