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Marcel Anthony: New Music Video "Pulling Up" is a Summer Vibe

Marcel Anthony RnB singer
Marcel Anthony

Marcel Anthony is a fresh but familiar face that is a burst of favorable energy in the RnB game. Even though he has released music before there is something different and intriguing about this Marcel Anthony new track. His latest single "Pulling Up" was released on all streaming platforms last year dated July 1st, 2022. With a catchy summer single, Marcel undoubtedly still has a catchy tune on his hand. The esteemed producer Dre Butterz graced the beat, giving the sexy high value energy for the ladies. If musically aimed right, this trendy single can certainly earn the right to be charted top 50 on the charts. Its appealing, fun, and overall a snappy vibe. On the melodic track, Marcel has the upbeat style that can get anyone to bop their head to the sounds his pushing out with his tuneful voice.

Marcel New Music Video "Pulling Up" is a summer vibe, giving the sprightly energy. This animated visual was notably his first taste of new visuals since releasing his 2020 music video "Let Me Breathe" feat. the popular Detroit artist Sada Baby. Marcel Anthony's Grammy nominated manger Bigg Von participated heavily into the anticipated must needed music video. Bigg Von also known for his directing skills put together a majestic visual. Like a puzzle all the pieces fitted together to make "Pulling Up" an successful video, capturing an dynamic visual. Popular influencer Big Groove is seen making a feature cameo in the animated music video. The visual is absolutely fire, from the flashy car scene, the flashy blue light scene, and the dance off battle between Big Groove and Marcel. The people and music collectively brought together a fiery music video.

In the video Marcel Anthony got some dance skills and game to take a woman from Big Groove who is known for his dance moves across the world. Big Groove not only dances but he eats tons a food with his famous phrase Shark Bites! The collab was absolutely an creative masterpiece.

Marcel Anthony
Marcel Anthony

The music scene always has room for the original RnB sound that was formed by trendsetter's singers like Joe, Tank, Alicia Keys, Tyrese, Aaliyah, Usher, and now the brandish Marcel Anthony. As Marcel bring that flavor that gives you the original groove of RnB, gives a true testament of his work. It feels amazing to hear something you can recite the words too and dance as well. Marcel Anthony is an independent RnB artist with the ambition to embark on a successful music career.

We would love to see what's next for the talented RnB singer, sure it has something to do with dropping more hot singles and visuals.

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