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Making Dreams from Setbacks: YounG Moose - Writer, HBO, Music, and More

Baltimore Artist YounG Moose
YounG Moose

Some people use pain and tragedy as a clutch and others use it as motivation and fuel. Baltimore artist YounG Moose decided to turn his setbacks into dreams.

YounG Moose gave us Poetic Stories an inside look of his complex childhood. At a young age, YounG Moose has always been motivated, using his hustling mentality. YounG Moose was the young kid on the block selling burn Cd's around the neighborhood. His hustle earned him respect from the older guys for his ambition at such a young age. Growing up the rap artist was a huge fan of the iconic rapper Tupac Shakur. The lyrics from Tupac's favored song "Dear Momma" gave him the inspiration to write a song about his grandmother, which sparked his early rap career. Unfortunately, YounG Moose also hindered setbacks way before he was the artist known for his granted 300,000 settlement lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department. Misfortune was soon to hit YounG Moose early as he lost both of his grandmothers at the age of eleven, which one of his grandmothers was sadly murdered. Although YounG Moose adapted to the art of music, he also experienced being a wild juvenile delinquent, while trying to adapt with his pain.

Ever had a family member or friend that was victimized for no reason? Well for the buoyant YounG Moose he had to experience this but decided to fight back. In 2014 and 2105 YounG Moose was becoming one of the hottest new music artists in the Baltimore area. While at the time of his highest peak in his music career, he was wrongfully convicted causing him to serve time in prison. Being a popular artist, his family and music team became targeted by Detective Daniel Hersl. Detective Hersl planted guns and falsified arrest warrants against YounG Moose. Including harassing his mother, father, and other family members causing his family to be under the scope of the police department. He made music to vent about the traumatizing situations that heavily affected him mentally. YounG Moose also discussed how it felt losing his brother while being incarcerated. Now he is able to experience some form of justice as the fellow Baltimore officer Daniel Hersl, is now serving an 18-year federal sentence.

YounG Moose
YounG Moose

Young Moose stayed motivated after being released, continuing his music career and focusing on his other talents. The diversified creator appeared on the HBO tv show "We Own This City" as he portrayed himself. YounG Moose is currently still banging out hits, he also spoke on being signed to Boosie and Bad Azz Ent. The rap artist music video Role Models feat. Boosie Badazz was shot in Baltimore that displayed a host of Baltimore energy. His latest single feat. FinesseTymes "Perfect Timing" has hit over 150 k views within one month. Young Moose energetic music videos never disappoint his fans as they look forward towards his releases. One thing about the Baltimore artist he gone keep dropping that fire and keep his fans intrigued with his music.

The driven young man is not only an rap artist he is a entrepreneur, writer, and actor. Using his influence to inspire positivity into his family and friends. YounG Moose organically grabbed a lot of attention back after letting his story be told. He has valued more since facing his situation using his knowledge to keep growing his empire. The way he gets his family involved giving them opportunities to grow as well is unselfish and shows his grace. YounG Moose is valuable to others as he uses his resources to help the others around him. Even though he talks about how he is still traumatized from past situations. YounG Moose has captivated more strength and character from his experience, true growth. The flourishing YounG Moose also encourages others to find those loopholes in their cases and fight against the crooked law.


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