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Logan H. James Headlines Meta Inc VR Concert March 18th, 2023

Logan H. James
Logan H. James

Logan H. James an admired marketing guru and Baltimore artist has begun to collaborate with the popular Meta Inc VR. The Meta-World has been in high alert over the last few years bringing a virtual world that connects everyone from all over the globe. Meta Inc VR and Renaissance Marketing presents virtual SXSW, a well- needed virtual concert. On March 18th, 2023, Logan H. James will be performing live from the Oculus, the concert will be full of energy with vibrant music.

Logan H. James and friends will hit the stage and grasp their fans attention with a virtual performance. The talented artist is known for his performances, concerts, and shows that he rocks out over many states. Logan fanbase always gravitates to his stage appearances, as he is known to hit stages with famous rap artist Gorilla Zoe. The Coalition DJ entertainer thrives on good vibes when he hit the stage, allowing the crowd to feed into his music. The talented and diversified Logan H. James is known for his trendy music it "For Real" that gets fans attention every time he hit the stage.

Logan H. James and Meta Inc VR is about to drop an exclusive with this concert.

Meta-Verse allows you to build a community and engaged with an array of fans. It is an effective resource to gain more awareness to your music as you develop yourself more as an artist. Creators can gain revenue through Meta- Verse and exclusive benefits that contribute to the art of music and talent. The potential with Meta Inc VR is a great access and it allows establishment to partnerships building bigger brands. This virtual world brings fans and artist closer together building a gap between time and distance.

If you are looking for an ambience and an atmosphere that's a burst of good energy, tap into Meta Inc VR on Wednesday March 18th, 2023, 9pm EST time. Logan H. James will endow the stage with his presence, so for real you need to be in attendance and absorb the electrifying vibes. Special guest will include Aveek Music, Lussoul, Davehollywood, DJ Filthy Rich, Father Meta, Bluedakey, and of course Baltimore artist Logan H. James. Meta Inc VR is here to make a stamp and harmonize with Logan H. James on the Virtual SXSW hosted by BeautifulParadox.


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