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LaLa Milan Entrepreneurship Run Continues to Blossom

LaLa Milan has sprouted tremendously over the years with her talents and entrepreneurship. Starting her career off as an influencer on social media platforms to now staring on television, truly a dope vibe.

Watching her growth has been insightful to others around her as her career has developed.

The star of the BET series Boomerang has now been exceling with feminine wellness. LaLa Milan product Vagitaminz has been doing well since she released her feminine hygiene products in 2021. The flourishing line consists of probiotics, feminine wash, suppositories, and more beneficial items for women. Using her own marketing skills and comedy as an impactful way to get more clients is clever. Joking about real issues has help women open up about their feminine care and allows her to spread knowledge without so much discomfort.

Not only do Lala Milan spread feminine wellness awareness she uses her platform Fit Girl Bod to help with self-confidence.

In today's society so many people are judgmental about people figures and looks, positive encouragement is admired.

Overall LaLa Milan is the true definition of Black Girl Magic as she uses her talents to give other women hope. Spreading herself between acting, comedy, entrepreneurship and just being an advocate, we know she thrives off success.

Her drive excels past the basic work ethic, she has consistency and dedication on the top of her list.

Let's normalize women building each other up!


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