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Khalif The Promoter Continues to Execute with his Career and the Wanubi Project

Khalif The Promoter
Khalif The Promoter

Khalif the Promoter, as his admirers often refer to him, is undeniably in the prime of his life. Developing a strong brand and significantly improving his town all while forging a significant legacy.

In 1997, Khalif the Promoter opened a hip-hop retail store in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where Eden Soares's graffiti adorned every wall. This was the beginning of his career as a promoter. This store was situated on Kempton Street at the exact center of Sound City and King Cutz.

The esteemed Khalif constructed a live DJ booth that would host monthly performances by DJs from NY Mixtapes, with his younger brother DJ Tech Nyce from Farrockaway, New York, serving as the daily DJ.

Khalif first began making music in 1998 under 3 Point Creations, which eventually changed its name to Wanubi Project. Learning Swahili with a friend gave rise to the idea for the name "Wanubi": The celebrity promoter studied Swahili and chose to give himself a firm Swahili attribute." Wanubi was a name that jumped out at Khalif when he was leafing through the Swahili book. The meaning of Wanubi, which is "Nubians," wasn't satisfactory to Khalif after a year, so he added a deeper meaning. "The original people coming together in the form of a tribe to generate opportunities for our people to advance in their lives”. People from many fields have been gathered in one "home" by Wanubi. The Nubian people refer to their tribe as a whole. Along with singing and dancing together, they also create a colossal energy that is fueled by each person's individual creativity.

Man of many hats, Khalif The Promoter, continues to execute in his career and his journey on land.


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